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Hello, thank you so much for making this demo.

I hope to see more out of this. I loved the setting, soundtrack, the graphics and the feel. You definitely put a lot of passion into this, and I can only hope you'll finish the game. 

I love it, after more enemies and maybe some movement polish it will be great! I am working on something similar but nothing to show just yet.

I loved this. The numerous interactions make it fun to explore. 

I would love to support this, but I cannot play without inverted mouse.

Inverted mouse option just added on the latest version.

Thanks for the feedback.

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thank you very much - awesome game, now that I am able to aim proper. I hope that you succeed in funding (I've pledged $10, thus far - and am trying to spread the news of this game; absolutely love it.)

Thank you :)

Isso é tão maravilhoso só queria reencontrar o tweet que me mostrou isso
tks pessoa anônima do twitter <3