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This is a demo for our Indiegogo campaign, suport us if you like the game on: https://igg.me/at/fishpersonshooter

An old-school First Person Shooter inspired by classics like DOOM, Quake and Duke Nukem 3D. And with a hook! One of the grappling kind! You play as the Pescador, a strong sexy and shirtless fisherman with a mysterious past and a hook in his right hand. It's your job to help the resistance to free the island of San Esteban from the cruel fishmen pirates that have taken it!



WASD -> Movement
Left Mouse Button -> Shoot
Right Mouse Button -> Hookshot/Throw shield
Spacebar -> Jump
E -> Interact
F -> Right hook
C (hold) -> Create checkpoint
T -> Load Last checkpoint
Esc -> Menu
1 -> shotgun
2 -> chaingun
3 -> rocket launcher
G -> Hide/show hook

Xbox controller:
RT  -> Shoot
LT  -> Hook/Shield
A -> Jump
X -> Interact
B -> Right hook
LB (hold) -> Create checkpoint
Back/Select -> Load Last checkpoint
Start -> Menu
Dpad -> Change weapons

Since this is an alpha version, it has some bugs, some unfinished assets and the quality don't reflect on the final product. Please report any bugs or problems you find, feedback about the game itself is also very appreciated!

More information

Published 14 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags3D, Colorful, FPS, Funny, Shooter

Install instructions

Just unzip the contents in any folder you want and run FISH.exe.

There may be some dependencies that will be installed if needed.


FISHDemo0_2_1.zip (163 MB)

Development log


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Isso é tão maravilhoso só queria reencontrar o tweet que me mostrou isso
tks pessoa anônima do twitter <3